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Welcome to my Web site!

The photos above are my High School Graduation and at my Retirement

Can you tell which is which?


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My Van Ness Family History

This is an ongoing work in conjunction with David M. Rikers manuscript.

This is now a searchable adobe pdf file.

As this is a very large Adobe Porfolio over 13 meg.

I advise opening it once and then saving it to your hard drive.

You may then search it and pull out the section you want.

I also advise looking at the following Error page as some errors were found when transfering into the database

Click here for the Error page for the Manuscript

Click below for the Original Riker Manuscript

 "The Ancestors and Descendants of

Simon Van Ness And Hester DeLamater"

With Mr. Riker's permission I have scanned the manuscript and placed the images for all to see. 

I have also placed the information into a searchable database that will be updated with information as it comes along.

This contains many more people than the Origional Manuscript as that was made in 1985

Click here for the searchable database





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