The following pages are scanned images of the Manuscript by

David M .Riker titled.

The Ancestors and Decedents of

Simon Van Ness


Hester DeLamater


It is now an Adobe Acrobat portfolio and is best viewed using Adobe reader 10

Adobe reader 10 can be downloaded from this site here.

Please read the Introduction by Mr. Riker as to how to use the Manuscript.

 There are some corrections to the manuscript

Found when converting to a database.

It can be viewed here.



The Riker Manuscript


                                                 Articles by David M. Riker that appeared in the magazine of The Holland Society of New York, “de Halve Maen“


                                                                    “The Van Ness Homestead”,   Vol. LVI, No. 3, Winter 1982

                                                                           “The Identity of Annatje Everts, Wife of Hendrick Van Ness”,   Vol. LXII, No. 2, June 1989